About me

What I do

I develop software, with the primary goal of making programming easier. This includes making it easier to share results in the form of code, applications, and web apps. In practice, I work on several open source software projects.

I believe that all people should have easy and free access to good programming tools. I think that when people are literate in programming (and data analysis), they are also more likely to become informed citizens. But above all, being able to program enables awesome ways to express one's creativity!

You can also checkout my profile and/or work at Gitlab, Github, Linkedin, or Twitter.

Experience and interests

I have over ten years of experience with the Python programming language. I'm also adept in JavaScript (vanilla/TypeScript). I have an interest in (3D) visualization, GUI applications, user interaction, web technology (front and back), and WebAssembly.


I studied electrical engineering, followed by a PhD in medical image analysis (to motions of stent grafts in vivo). During my PhD (2007-2011) I needed tools for 3D visualization and data analysis. I fell in love with Python, but not everything I needed was available, which is why I set out to build some tools myself. I found building these (open source) tools very satisfying, and since then I have been trying to make a living with doing that. Since 2015 I work as a freelance software engineer, which allows me to combine payed work with OSS maintenance and experimenting with new technology (preferably a combination of these).

Company info