About me

Hi, this website is about my adventures in software and programming. I'm also into woodworking, mountainbiking, kidsraising, husbanding, and finding out what I want to be when I grow up.

Values that drive me

Programming is a craft, strive to be an artisan.

Good programming tools should be available to everyone.

Tools should help make things easier and/or more fun, not boring or annoying.

Divide your criticism equally between new ideas and your current assumptions.

In the end, all what matters is our humanity.

Experience and interests

I have been programming in Python since 2008 and am also adept in (vanilla) JavaScript. I have an interest in (3D) visualization, GUI applications, user interaction, web technology (front and back), and WebAssembly. I am not a designer, as is demonstrated by the appearance of this website.

You can also checkout my profile and/or work at Gitlab, Github, Linkedin, or Twitter.


I studied electrical engineering, followed by a PhD in medical image analysis (to motions of stent grafts in vivo). During my PhD (2007-2011) I needed tools for 3D visualization and data analysis. I fell in love with Python, but not everything I needed was available, which is why I set out to build some tools myself. I found building these (open source) tools very satisfying, and since then I have been trying to make a living with doing that. Since 2015 I work as a freelance software engineer, which allows me to combine paid work with OSS maintenance and experimenting with new technology (preferably a combination of these).

Company info